Supermarket Shelves, Gondola Shelving, Store Fixtures Cases Example - HEDA SHELVES
8 Types of Supermarkets, Retail Store Case Reference
This page shows some of our supermarket and retail store cases. If you are also interested in our supermarket shelf products, please contact our experts, we will provide you with professional solutions for different types of supermarkets and retail stores.
Supermarket Shevles and Equipment From Bhutan Feedback
A customer from Bhutan purchased a full set of supermarket shelves and equipment (gondola shelves/shopping baskets/shopping carts/freezers/accessories) from us.
Boutique Store Display Shelves Case from United States
A case from a client who opened a boutique in the United States, the wooden gondola shelves of HEDA SHELVES were well received.
Grey Supermarket Gondola Display Shelves Case - Philippines
A customer from the Philippines purchased this gray supermarket gondola display shelf from Heda Shelves, which comes in 2 styles, with and without billboards.
White Gondola Supermarket Shelving - Maldives
Please refer to the case of supermarket gondola shelves purchased from Heda Shelves by customers from Maldives. 21 years of shelf production experience will help you turn your vision into reality.
Health Supplement Store Shelf Case - Puerto Rico
Application case diagram of customized color supermarket gondola shelves in health care products store, Heda Shelves focuses on the customized production of gondola supermarket shelves.
Puerto Rico Mini Supermarket Retail Store Gondola Shelf Case
A case of gondola shelves in a mini supermarket retail store from a customer in Puerto Rico, the red and black color gondola shelves are even more eye-catching.
Panama Customized Shoes Store Racks Case
This is a case of a shoe chain store in Panama. The shelves of the entire shoe store are purchased from Heda Shelf. This case uses a variety of shelves, such as Wall shelf, Island shelf, Promotion shelf, mirror end...etc.
Canada Supermarket Shelf & Freezer Case
One of our clients open chain stores in USA, and he want to expand Canada market. So he try to find a good supplier in China. So we met.