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Grey Supermarket Gondola Display Shelves Case - Philippines
Grey Supermarket Gondola Display Shelves Case - Philippines
A customer from the Philippines purchased this gray supermarket gondola display shelf from Heda Shelves, which comes in 2 styles, with and without billboards.
A customer from the Philippines found us Guangzhou Heda Shelves Co., Ltd. from the Internet. 
Addressed his needs to our professional account manager who needed functional and aesthetically pleasing store fixtures to fill his newly opened store.
After screening, we recommend this gray 4-layer double-sided slatwall supermarket shelves for our customers.
This supermarket shelf has a very wide range of applications, whether it is in retail stores/boutiques/convenience stores/supermarket, etc. The back panel of the slatwall can support a variety of hooks, and its top can be optionally installed with or without billboards, and the billboards can be adjusted to a suitable height. In this way, the flexibility of use has also been greatly improved.

The customer installed it immediately after receiving our goods, and finally gave us feedback on the photos of the completed installation on site. We have met all the customer's requirements, and the customer is very satisfied.
Wish customer business all the best in the Philippines!

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