Custom Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking System - Iraq - HEDA SHELVES
Custom Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking System - Iraq
Custom Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking System - Iraq
A case introduction of a custom warehouse heavy-duty pallet rack from an Iraqi customer. The columns, beams and metal layers of the rack are all customized dimensions.
The customer from Iraq found the official website of HEDA SHELVES from Google (
It was learned from the client that he needed to lay out warehouse storage shelves for his three new warehouses, all of which were customized in size, and the client requested that his corporate LOGO be printed on the metal layer.
This is not difficult for our engineers and factories, which is the best thing for Heda shelves.
After continuous communication and efforts, we finally determined the plan, produced samples for it, and conducted online inspections.

The customer was very satisfied after receiving the samples, so he immediately signed a contract with us and placed an order for three warehouses. This makes us very honored.
Usually we will finish production within 15-20 days. (This time will be extended according to the demand of the order.) After 1 month of production, it is finally shipped.

Customers shared their installation process with us after receiving the shelves and expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the shelves.

After a week, it was finally installed and put into use!

If you also have demand for warehouse racking system, pallet racking system, or have racks or shelves project in preparation, please let us know, we will provide you with complete solutions and high-quality racking products.

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