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10 Types of Warehouse Racking System Case Picture Reference
This page shows some of our warehouse cases, including: pallet racking system, heavy-duty racking system, mezzanine racking system, drive-in racking system, etc., these cases come from various countries around the world.
8 Types of Supermarkets, Retail Store Case Picture Reference
This page shows some of our supermarket and retail store cases. If you are also interested in our supermarket shelf products, please contact our experts, we will provide you with professional solutions for different types of supermarkets and retail stores.
Supermarket Gondola Shelves in Health Supplements Store - Puerto Rico Case
Application case diagram of customized color supermarket gondola shelves in health care products store, Heda Shelves focuses on the customized production of gondola supermarket shelves.
Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Racks for Large Warehouse
This is a customer from Rwanda, Africa, using heavy-duty selective pallet racks produced by Heda Racks. Because the customer's goods belong to large quantities of small categories of goods, and the goods are heavy, it is very suitable to choose heavy-duty selective pallet racks.
Mexico Warehouse Mezzanine Pallet Racking System Case
A case project process with a warehouse mezzanine racking system from the Mexican company CYVSA. With 21 years of racking manufacturing experience, Heda Shelves can provide warehouse shelving systems for any project.
Puerto Rico Mini Supermarket Retail Store Gondola Shelf Case
A case of gondola shelves in a mini supermarket retail store from a customer in Puerto Rico, the red and black color gondola shelves are even more eye-catching.
Car Beauty Shop Slatted Board Display Stand - Vietnam
A car beauty shop from Vietnam needed suitable shelves to display the products, we adopted a slatted style with hooks and a customized top brand LOGO display.
Custom Medium Warehouse Pallet Racking Case - Swedish Customer
The customer is from a small home appliance dealer in Sweden. The warehouse is an indoor room and needs to keep the environment clean and needs more space for the finished products packed in cartons.
Custom Mezzanine and Cantilever Racking - Israel Customer Case
This customer had a special tubular product, so we recommended CantiLever Rack for him. Because the customer's warehouse floor is higher. To further increase storage space, we customized Mezzanine Rack for him.
Custom Warehouse Mezzanine Racking - Spanish Customers Case
Mezzanine Rack Storage is designed to be used as a Mezzanine support when space is limited in the plant. The Mezzanine Rack can be designed with multiple (usually 2-3) storeys of storage.
Philippines Factory Warehouse Light Duty Racking & Equipment Case
December 2021, find our Philippine factory customers from the Internet, using warehouse light duty racking, cantilever racking and a complete set of warehouse equipment buyers guide.
Industrial Mezzanine Racks For Machine in Philippine
The case of industrial warehouse racking in the Philippines adopts an integrated warehouse racking system composed of pallet racks, mezzanine racks and multi-layer racks.
Panama Customized Shoes Store Racks Case
This is a case of a shoe chain store in Panama. The shelves of the entire shoe store are purchased from Heda Shelf. This case uses a variety of shelves, such as Wall shelf, Island shelf, Promotion shelf, mirror end...etc.
Qatar Light and Medium Warehouse Pallet Racking Case
One of our clients has 2000sqm warehouse,and his warehouse is divided into three parts. He want some racks to put their goods,which is small items and not very heavy,so we recommend the popular and normal light duty pallet racking.
Canada Supermarket Shelf & Freezer Case
One of our clients open chain stores in USA, and he want to expand Canada market. So he try to find a good supplier in China. So we met.
Philippines Building Materials Warehouse - Pallet Rack System
Customer from Cebu,Philippines. Running business on construction. Main Products by construction materials,materials business. Choose solution by Multi-levels shelves and Mezzanine pallet racking system.
Brunei Small Warehouse Storage Pallet Racking Case
Our regular colors are blue+orange+light grey. Customers need black customized color, HEDA SHELVES can meet customers' small batch customized warehouse shelves.
Philippines Mezzanine Pallet Racking System Solution
Customer from Philippines by heda sheleves Multi-levels shelves and Mezzanine pallet racking system.
Qatar Mezzanine Racks and Multi-layer Loft Shelves Case
This case happened in 2018, and it was a local warehouse in Qatar. The products were mezzanine racks and multi-layer loft shelves. The customer saw our website from Google search, and saw that we are a professional factory of warehouse rack solutions in China, so he tell his needs for warehouses
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