Black+Red Mezzanine & Cantilever Racking System Cases - HEDA SHELVES

Black+Red Mezzanine & Cantilever Racking System Cases

A customer from the United States found us Guangzhou Heda Shelves Co., Ltd. on Google. After requesting us, we finally decided to purchase the cantilever racking system and mezzanine racking system from Heda Shelves, and adopted the red and black personalized color matching.
After the sample is completed, we provide the photos and videos of the samples to the customer. The customer feels very satisfied with our products and quality, and entrusts us to help him produce all the racks, including light duty pallet racks, mezzanine racks and cantilever racks.
When they were all installed, the customer sent us feedback photos. Judging from the photos of customer feedback, our products have been recognized.