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Canada Supermarket Shelf & Freezer Case

One of our clients open chain stores in USA, and he want to expand Canada market. So he try to find a good supplier in China. So we met.

He knows supermarket project very much, he calculated quantity of each item already. We quoted to him based on his specification and quantity.

His requirement: more than 100 units supermarket shelves, Electric cash counter, fridges, shopping carts...hoping us can customize color and logo details for his products, because His shop has a distinct theme style.


Client told us a total quantity, we double check it with his plan. In this way, we confirm main shelves and add-on shelves quantity that can fit his shop.

Offering best quality goods with a reasonable is our , as we know, there always a lower price in a market. But after comparing specification, thickness, loading info...and checking our producing process, certificates, we wined this chance, really thanks our clients’ trusting.

When his received our goods, he is very satisfied with our quality too. We are so happy we assist our client in such great project!

After our client received his container, he started installation works. Because he has rich experience in shelves, so we only need to assist in fridges install. With our instruction, he finished it very soon, since this install is simply too.

Also we are very happy to received his good feedback-High Quality Shelves!!!


*Note: The specifications, sizes, colors and surface treatments of the products can be customized


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