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Qatar Light and Medium Warehouse Pallet Racking Case

One of our clients has 2000sqm warehouse, and his warehouse is divided into three parts. He want some racks to put their goods, which is small items and not very heavy, so we recommend the popular and normal light duty pallet racking.

The standard size of the light duty racks is 2000*600*2000mm(L*W*H), the load capacity of this rack is 200kg per layer. 

The client think it is very suitable for his mezzanine floor. However, since his mezzanine floors are not the same height, he opted for two sizes of racks, one is 2000*600*2000mm(L*W*H) and another is 2000*600*3000mm(L*W*H).

About other two areas of his warehouse, he want to use the pallet, because the height of the warehouse is 10m, he want two kind of heights of the racks, one is 5m and another is 8m.

According to the customer's use, the pallet size is 1200*1200mm, so our recommended shelf size is 2600*1000*5000mm and 2600*1000*8000mm; 300kg per layer.

Customers don’t know the shelves, and they don’t know what they want, so we recommend suitable products for customers based on what products they need, the weight of the products and whether they use a forklift.

Offering best quality goods with a reasonable is our , as we know, there always a lower price in a market. But after comparing specification, thickness, loading info...and checking our producing process, certificates, we wined this chance, really thanks our clients’ trusting.

When his received our goods, he is very satisfied with our quality too. We are so happy we assist our client in such great project!


After our client received his container, he started installation works. Because this is the first time they buy a shelf, they don't know how to install it, so our professional engineers have made installation guides and videos for each product of our customers, so that customers can install them shelves.


*Note: The specifications, sizes, colors and surface treatments of the products can be customized

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