Supermarket Store Checkout Counter 2800*1200*850 - HEDA SHELVES

Supermarket Store Checkout Counter 2800*1200*850

Item No.: 00173
Supermarket store checkout counter 2800*1200*850 Brushed stainless steel countertop, CE certified motor, infrared probe sensor, with emergency stop button, optional 110V/220V voltage, color and size can be customized.


1.0MM iron plate cabinet

(#304) 1.0MM Brushed Stainless Steel Countertop

Motor imported from Europe (CE certification)

Including control system, infrared sensor (probe), with emergency stop button.

Optional 110V/220V voltage, optional European/UK/US/Australian plug.

Color size can be customized.

Optional accessories:

light box light pole

forbidden door

Vest bag holder

Main table stainless steel baffle

Secondary stainless steel baffle

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