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May.2022 30
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How to Better Design Warehouse Racking Layout?
In addition to horizontal and vertical layout of warehouse shelves, what other ways are there? How to better design and layout warehouse shelves?

How to Better Design Warehouse Racking Layout?

The layout of warehouse racking refers to the scientific planning and overall design of various elements such as the number, scale, geographical location and roads of warehouse facilities in a certain area or warehouse area. So, what are the warehouse racking layout and warehouse layout methods?
When we talk about the layout of warehouse shelves, there are only two common ones: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal and vertical types are mainly aimed at the warehouse work area and entry direction, as shown in the following figure:
As can be seen from the above figure, regardless of the horizontal or vertical racking layout, the length of the racking is perpendicular to the direction of the main road. The layout of our common warehouses is roughly the same, why is there such a thousand times?
First of all, let's analyze the design of e-commerce warehouse, its idea comes from the design of traditional warehouse. For traditional warehouses, as long as your warehouse is not round, the racking or stacking position is perpendicular or parallel to the wall to make the best use of space. When there is an angle between your racking or stacking position and the wall, it will inevitably cause a waste of plane space, as shown below:
Therefore, in the traditional warehouse layout, in order to maximize the use of warehouse space, the edge of the racking or stack is vertical or parallel to the wall direction. But is this consideration absolutely correct when applied to warehouse layouts in e-commerce? Or is it the best choice? I also thought so before, because everyone is doing it. It was not until I read an article on the design of warehouse racking in foreign countries that I felt ashamed. I didn't think about the source of the habit and the logic at that time for the things I was used to. Blind yourself to new knowledge.
Compared with the following two layout methods, the V-shaped racking layout Type 1 improves the efficiency by more than 11%, and the V-shaped racking layout Type 2 improves the efficiency by more than 23%.
So, how does the difference in efficiency improvement and efficiency improvement value come about? If anyone is interested in this, please leave a message to discuss.
Why is there such an adjustment to the traditional warehouse layout? The consideration of picking efficiency in the warehouse layout of e-commerce is a major factor. Due to the low frequency of delivery, traditional warehouses do not have high requirements for picking time and picking efficiency; however, the order processing characteristics of e-commerce determine its high requirements for improving picking efficiency, and the loss of warehouse area utilization is not high. In large cases, adjusting the layout of warehouse racking to improve picking efficiency will be a meaningful work that can be tried in warehouse management.
Several other situations to consider, as shown in the following figures:
Warehouse layout, even product SKU distribution rules, order product distribution and other details will have an impact on picking efficiency. In addition, it is also difficult to set the optimal picking route for each warehouse racking layout, which requires merchants to think carefully and choose the most suitable warehouse racking layout for themselves.
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