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5 Tips: When you Purchase Racks & Shelves in China

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Update time : 2021-09-06 14:30:00
5 Tips: When you Purchase Racks & Shelves in China

Affected by the global epidemic, many international exhibitions have been cancelled. There are also many traders looking forward to coming to China to find new suppliers and partners. However, many entrepreneurs find that they hit a wall when it comes to actually buying the product. Finding good value for money isn't easy, whether you're planning to make your own or looking for a wholesaler.
A manufacturer is a business/factory that goes from raw materials to finished products. They sell these products to consumers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and other businesses who want to make more complex products.
This article will share with you some tips for finding suppliers/manufacturers in China.
Step 1:
How to find suppliers in China?
The most popular way to find suppliers is Alibaba, or through Google search engine, usually suppliers will have their own stores and websites on this (Alibaba and Google).
Alibaba is a very large public company and he can provide verification that the manufacturer is genuine. The platform allows you to vet manufacturers ahead of time to get the best products at reasonable prices.
Step 2:
When looking for manufacturers on Alibaba, make sure they have the following qualifications:
1. Gold suppliers, which means they pay for Alibaba membership.
2. Verified, which means a third-party company or Alibaba visited their factory.
3. Trade Assurance, a free service that protects your order from payment to delivery.
Check each potential supplier and consider the following:
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Are they financially secure?
  • Do they have the strength to supply the products you need?
  • Do any certification bodies endorse their products?
  • People you trust recommend them, or at least have good reviews from other customers?
  • Please try reducing the shortlist to around 5. Too many choices can affect sound judgment.
  • If relevant and possible, get a written quote and get product samples. When this is required, be sure to provide a brief summary, frequency required (according to your estimate), etc.
  • Compare suppliers with each other after you receive a quote. Remember that price shouldn't be your main consideration, as lower price can easily mean lower quality, and it's not cost-effective. But see what's most important to you. Is it product quality, geographic location, shipping time, or other factors?
  • Remember to see if the supplier is subcontracting. If they do, look into the subcontractor to see if you're happy with them.
After doing all of this, you can go ahead and contract with the supplier, including terms and conditions that are beneficial to both of you.
Hope you can find the best supplier for your long term business. Heda is one of the oldest manufacturers in the shelf industry in China with more than 20 years of experience.
Feel free to contact us for any retail/wholesale/construction project, we will provide top-of-the-line solutions and the most cost-effective shelves on the market.
Our products include: (all products can be customized)
Warehouse racks (light, medium and heavy duty racks, pallet racks, mezzanine racks, drive-in racks, double-deep pallet racks, etc.);
Supermarket shelves (light, medium and heavy gondola racks, promotional carts, shopping carts, shopping baskets and checkout counters);
Tool and hardware display stands, custom steel display stands and more.

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