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What kind of warehouse needs mezzanine racks?

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Mezzanine provides the perfect solution to the three biggest challenges facing warehouses: time, space and money.


Mezzanine racking or shelving systems are designed for vertical warehouse layouts to increase the amount of available space. This is a way to use unused airspace for your facility. Usually, mezzanine installation is much faster and more economical than considering new construction.


In short, a mezzanine racking system refers to a platform built between the floor and ceiling of a warehouse. In fact, mezzanine floors can actually be used for a variety of purposes, not just storage. Whether the pressure falls on warehouse storage capacity or office space, instead of going through the hassle and expense of moving, consider mezzanine alternatives.

So, why do my warehouses need mezzanine racks?

1. Increase storage:

The most obvious benefit that mezzanine racking provide is that it increases the available floor space you have. If you compare a mezzanine to a more expensive one, you'll be surprised how much usable floor space is created. This space can be used for any desired purpose.

2. High cost performance

One of the biggest challenges facing warehouses is exceeding your current needs.

Similar to the above, with a mezzanine, you can add more space without impacting your budget too much. When you increase your footprint, you can install more equipment, store more items, and provide more space for workers without having to move your facility.

This shelving allows you to make affordable changes to your space without breaking the bank.

3. Timeliness

We know that time is relative and the entire process will be completed faster and faster than any relocation process for large projects and warehouses.

4. Wide range of uses

As mentioned at the beginning, mezzanine racking are not just for storage, there are many environments and applications that can benefit from it even if you need it. In picking and packing operations, logistics efficiency can be greatly improved if inventory and employees can be accommodated/worked in the same space, under the same roof, as an office.

Mezzanine Shelving Systems to Meet Your Facility's Needs Modern mezzanine storage solutions are flexible and versatile, just what you need to make your place more productive and efficient than ever. Be sure to carefully consider the factors here as they show you specific reasons why you need to consider this storage solution for your facility.

If you are thinking of building mezzanine racking for your warehouse for the first time, you may be worried about how to design it? How to arrange? Don't worry, just share your warehouse layout with us, our professional engineer team will make unique drawings for you and make reasonable suggestions.

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