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The 9 Key Process of Shelves Production - Advice for Purchasing Managers

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Update time : 2021-06-23 10:25:00

The 9 key process of shelves production - For Purchase Manager

Shelves are used in many industries, such as: warehouses, convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, shoe stores, clothing stores, logistics companies, MINISO stores, etc.

In order to purchase suitable and high-quality shelves, purchasing managers must understand the 9 key processes of shelf production.


Introduction to the production process of shelves: --- Heda Shelves Company


1. Preparation materials: cold-rolled steel, wood or steel-wood combination shelves are the most commonly used materials. The steel and wood shelves are elegant, especially when the lights hit the shelves, which are high-end.

2. Cutting materials: Columns, beams and layers should be cut into different sizes according to different specifications of customers.

3. Bending: Steel plate shelves need to bend the steel plate, the main purpose is to effectively fix the steel plate on the beam, and can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the steel plate.

4. Rolling: The function of bending rolling is to cut a certain length of steel strip into the required shape through die rolling, such as columns, storage beams, etc.

5. Punching: According to the actual needs of the shelf, positioning and punching the rolled out materials at specific positions, such as vertical holes, rear panels of the shelves, etc.

6. Welding and polishing: If the material part of the frame is well handled, some parts of the frame need to be welded, such as columns, anchor plates, beams, corners, etc. After the frame is welded, it is necessary to polish the position of the welding spot, which can not only effectively improve the appearance of the frame, but also improve the safety of the frame during use. These are the most important steps to ensure safe use.

7. Pickling and Phosphating: The KEPSTPE of the production line is the most important and powerful part of our company. Even if used for decades, it can isolate the air, prevent oxidation, and prevent the spread of rust pollution. This process requires high processing power, not only high standard raw materials, but also the ability to achieve environmental protection in this step.

Some small factories will not strictly implement this step, and it is easy to rust after a few years.

8. Spray paint drying: any color can be spray painted according to customer's requirements and dried at a constant temperature of 180-220°C to ensure long color and not easy to fade.

9. Packaging and Delivery: Last, but not least. Products will be strictly packaged to ensure that the goods can better protect the shelves during long-term transportation, avoid damage, and ensure that customers receive the most perfect product and the most reasonable price.

Material Preparation Cutting Bending Punching
1.Material Preparation 2.Cutting 3.Bending 4.Rolling
Rolling Polishing Welding Washing&Phosphating
5.Punching 6.Polishing & Welding 7.Washing&Phosphating
Painting&Drying Inspecting Packaing Before-shipping
8.Painting&Drying 9.Packaging -ready for shipment

Remember these 9 important key production processes, which will help you better find a reliable shelf manufacturer.
Heda Shelves has been committed to shelf production for 21 years, and we will help you provide more support on the shelf.
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