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6 Tips - When You're Choosing Racking for Your Warehouse

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If you are now worrying about choosing shelves for your warehouse or choosing a shelf supplier, what I want to tell you is: starting from these 6 key points will help you a lot. Take a look at this article, I hope it helps you!

1. Load bearing

The floor load-bearing level of the warehouse itself, this figure needs to be obtained from the contractor. This parameter is very important. If your warehouse floor bears only 1 ton and the shelf bears 5 tons, the ground must sink or deform, and the heavy one will even collapse, causing safety accidents. Do not simply consider building high-level shelves to save space, but also consider the basic weight of the materials stored in the high-level shelves.

2. Size

The category of the material on the shelf and the container of the material. The size of the shelf needs to be related to the material or container it carries. The size can be customized, but the recommended size is given by the shelf supplier. On the one hand, it is relatively professional.

3. Shelf loading and unloading equipment

Whether there is a stacking equipment for racks now, if so, it is necessary to consider many factors such as the radius of gyration of the equipment and the width of the equipment.

4. The form and storage time of the goods

The incoming and outgoing form and storage time of the stored materials. There may be various materials with different storage times in the warehouse, which requires consideration of the form or storage method of entering and leaving the warehouse to find a truly suitable storage shelf that can achieve higher space utilization. For example: drive-in racks, adjustable pallet racks, rolling racks, mobile racks and ordinary high-bay racks. If you choose this type of rack, you may also need to invest in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow aisle forklifts.

5. Factory shelf layout

Many companies only pay attention to the space utilization of shelves when building shelves, but ignore the concept of logistics. Be sure to pay attention to the fluidity of materials after the shelf is constructed. Because of different layouts, the dimensions, load-bearing, loading and unloading equipment and other aspects of the shelves may be different.

6. Electronic system supporting

If the capital investment is sufficient, some relatively high-tech equipment can be considered. Automated three-dimensional warehouse, forklift direct picking system, etc. It is necessary to check in advance whether the existing warehouse management system can be connected with these systems. If there is a problem, it needs to be developed separately, and the development cost should be included in the shelf construction plan.

If you still don't know how to choose, that's okay. Heda Shelves is a Chinese shelf manufacturer that has been engaged in for 21 years. We have a professional design team, manufacturing team and hand and service team. We ensure that we are competent in the design and layout of warehouse racks of any size.

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