Supermarket Gondola Shelves in Health Supplements Store - Puerto Rico Case - HEDA SHELVES
Health Supplement Store Shelf Case - Puerto Rico
Health Supplement Store Shelf Case - Puerto Rico
Application case diagram of customized color supermarket gondola shelves in health care products store, Heda Shelves focuses on the customized production of gondola supermarket shelves.
This is a customer who opened a health care product store in Puerto Rico. In order to match the brand image of the store, he specially consulted our supermarket gondola shelves in customized colors.
After receiving our shipment from Guangzhou, China to Puerto Rico, the customer quickly installed it and sent feedback pictures. It looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Heda Shelves has 21 years of shelf production experience, and has very rich experience in the production and design of warehouses, supermarkets, and store shelves. We believe our products will bring more appeal to your store, loading and presenting your merchandise in better quality.

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