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Qatar Mezzanine Racks and Multi-layer Loft Shelves Case

This case happened in 2018, and it was a local warehouse in Qatar. The products were mezzanine racks and multi-layer loft shelves.

The customer saw our website from Google search, and saw that we are a professional factory of warehouse rack solutions in China, so he tell his needs for warehouses

to our salesperson with the idea. We heda shelves salesperson and engineer quickly communicated with customers and made relevant drawings and plans.

After a few months of communication back and forth, the final production plan was finally determined, which satisfied all the customers' ideas.

The customer is also very satisfied with our quotation. After placing the order, it took less than 25 days to complete the order. The shipping time to Qatar is about 15 days.

In order to better install the shelves, we sent professional engineers to Qatar to guide the installation, and our salesmen were also invited by the customers.

After 7 days of local installation, the shelf installation was very smooth, and the customer was very satisfied with us! ! ! 

Whether it’s the communication of design drawings, the professionalism of engineers,

the salesperson's dedication and the high-quality quality of the products, customers have given us a lot of praise, thinking that this order is worthwhile!!!

Thanks to customers in Qatar for their recognition, providing high-quality products and professional services are the purpose of our Heda Shelves!


*Note: The specifications, sizes, colors and surface treatments of the products can be customized


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