Philippines Factory Warehouse Light Duty Racking Case - HEDA SHELVES

Warehouse Light Duty Racking Case - Philippines

December 2021, find our Philippine factory customers from the Internet, using warehouse light duty racking, cantilever racking and a complete set of warehouse equipment buyers guide.


Customer from Manila,Philippines.

Running business on construction builders.

Main Products by construction materials and after-selling service.


Target receipt timing on February,2022

Except the storage shelving, the customer purchased the hand-jack,

pallets and up stairs equipments together.

We gave them nice one-stop service.



Drawing design finished by their own engineers,

but shelving design not reasonable,

the customer accept our suggestion with back to back design of shelvings.

Save 7000 USD budget for this purchase plan.


Back to back shelving group instead of customized width shelving.

Two groups of cantilever racks system for medium duty tubes store.

The loading and quality are all the best.

Uniform force, beautiful structur.

Save budget cost and display smoothly by 40ft container.

They feedback us the nice pictures.


Lead time 17 days

Export and delivery 12 days totally before arrived Manila,Philippines.

Reality feedback pictures from customer.

Accessories all matches together.

Their materials all stored up to the racks.

Room space using rate upgrade at least 2 times.