What should be paid attention to when placing the unit load of storage shelf to ensure the safety of work?

What should be paid attention to when placing the unit load of storage shelf to ensure the safety of work?

1、 Selection of storage tools:

1. Loading shall be carried out according to the loading method specified by the shelf manufacturer and shall not exceed the maximum load specified by the supplier.
2. It shall be in good working condition and have sufficient strength.
3. The size, type and tolerance shall match the storage rack structure.

2、 The placement of unit load shall pay attention to:

1. The maximum bearing capacity of each storage shelf will be designed at the time of purchase, and the maximum unit load specified in the original design shall not be placed in the actual storage.
2. The goods shall be stacked or palletized so that they will not fall.
3. Warning signs shall be set on storage shelves to display important information such as maximum rated load and loading mode. When there are multiple storage shelves with different bearing capacity in a storage area, the storage shelves shall clearly display their relevant maximum rated load and loading mode in different areas.
4. Unless considered in the design of storage shelves, the actual size of unit load shall not exceed the clearance required to ensure the safe operation of storage shelves. (as shown in the figure, opening, protruding and hanging all affect the pallet load type of load layout)
5. The load arrangement shall be determined according to the actual situation of the goods. It shall be ensured that the load arrangement is consistent with the load arrangement in the design bearing capacity. Refer to the loading method provided by the manufacturer.
6. Do not stand on the shelf when placing the load.
7. The forklift shall be driven carefully at all times to avoid collision and unnecessary damage to the shelf.
8. The specified unit load pallet shall be placed on the storage shelf support member in the specified correct direction. The tray support is in the correct direction of the beam track.
9. The positioning tray of the tray on the support shall be symmetrically arranged with a pair of tray rack beams in the front and rear directions or the guide rails of driving in rack beams in the left and right directions.
10. When the tray with the lowest shelf is supported on the floor, a tray placement guide line should be set on both sides of the channel for positioning.


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