Warehouse Rack

Warehouse Mezzanine Storage Rack

The Mezzanine Rack is assembled from main components such as columns, load-bearing beams, support beams and platform panels. It can be flexibly designed into a 2-3-layer platform, which can effectively improve the utilization of storage space.
The shelf can be designed according to the storage space and the actual use area of the cargo unit, and the maximum load capacity can reach 1000KG/m2.
In order to improve work efficiency, it is usually used with a rack lifting platform. For the auxiliary facilities such as forklifts and cargo slides, the lighting system can be configured as needed under the floor. Different floor panels can be selected to meet fire or dust protection. The platform panel can be used with wood, steel or steel plates.
The loft type is most suitable for storing and managing small items of various materials. The parts box or the turnover box can be configured to sort and store the materials. According to the characteristics of material logistics, the materials with large shipping frequency should be stored and the floor space, and the goods with small shipping capacity should be stored in the upper floor.