Warehouse Rack

Time To Use A Shuttle Racking System In Refrigerated Storage

As a semi-automatic working mode storage rack, semi-automatic is one of the biggest features of shuttle rack, which can effectively improve the operational efficiency of enterprise warehouses. However, due to the use of the special shuttle cars, the cost of the shuttle rack is much higher than the traditional ordinary warehouse rack.


In addition to normal temperature storage systems, refrigerated storage systems are also widely used for the storage of goods in various industries. As we all know, due to the special structure of shuttle cars, the first-generation shuttle racks have been unable to be used in refrigerated storage systems until the shuttle racks have ushered in a major update in recent years.


The AI shuttle cars use electric energy as the driving energy and are remotely controlled by remote control via signal transmission, so they are more susceptible to the temperature which makes the shuttle storage system unable to be used in refrigerated warehouses until the shuttle technology has made good progress in recent years. The availability of shuttles at sub-zero temperatures has increased and signal acceptance has increased. Shuttles are now gradually being used in refrigerated warehouses.


The shuttle car on the market is very different from the earlier shuttle car,the new shuttle car now on the market can support the four-way operation as the early one can only run in both directions. This also reflects that China’s shelf industry is in continuous progress in the other way.