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Mexico Warehouse Mezzanine Pallet Racking System Case
Mexico Warehouse Mezzanine Pallet Racking System Case
A case project process with a warehouse mezzanine racking system from the Mexican company CYVSA. With 21 years of racking manufacturing experience, Heda Shelves can provide warehouse shelving systems for any project.
Steel mezzanine system provides a multiply-level system which significantly increase your storage capacity by expanding upwards rather than outwards. It utilizes most bulk and space saver sizes and configurations in a variety of combinations to take full advantage of valuable warehouse space.

This project was completed in August 2018.

Calefacción y Ventilación S.A. de C.V. (CYVSA) is a company from Mexico with a history of more than 68 years in the field of air conditioning.
Learned about our Heda Shelves through the Internet, and put forward their needs for warehouse mezzanine pallet racking.
Recently, the company wants to lay out a new mezzanine racking system for the new warehouse, and needs us to provide the racking system design of the entire warehouse, the supply of racks and the on-site installation guidance. After a long period of preparation, communication and design, we reached an agreement that our Heda Shelves would provide the technical support for this project and the supply of warehouse shelf products.
Since the warehouse is very large this time, it is a difficult task for both CYVSA and Heda shelves. We provided CYVSA with the CAD design drawings of each layer and the overall 3D effect design drawings. After confirming that all the details are correct, we will arrange our factory to fully devote ourselves to the production stage. After the inspection, we will send all the shelves to Mexico.
After the shelves arrived in Mexico, we immediately sent professional shelf engineers from China to guide the installation on site. The installation process was full of fun and challenges. The CYVSA staff also took a very hard time learning how to install this racking system. With the efforts of CYVSA and Heda shelf engineers, we successfully completed the construction of the entire shelf system.
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