Custom Medium Warehouse Pallet Racking Case - Swedish Customer - HEDA SHELVES

Medium Warehouse Pallet Rack Case - Sweden

The customer is from a small home appliance dealer in Sweden. The warehouse is an indoor room and needs to keep the environment clean and needs more space for the finished products packed in cartons.

Customers want delivery in November 2022

The usage scenario is simple, but considering the high value of customer products,

It is recommended to use a 300kg widening and thickening product.

good use.

The guest himself provided the drawings of the room

After calculation, the limited warehouse will be fully covered

Increased utilization by more than 50%

Customers are satisfied with the customized color scheme and 

the quality of the product

Arrange the entire container transportation, 

all products are no damaged

Lead time 15 days

Export and delivery 35 days totally before arrived Manila,Philippines.

Reality feedback pictures from customer.

Accessories all matches together.

Their carton boxes all stored up to the racks.

If you are also eligible for this small warehouse and need to make full use of the space, please contact us. We will provide professional services from A to Z. All warehouse pallet racking can be customized in color, load-bearing, and size.