10 Types of Warehouse Racking System Case Reference
This page shows some of our warehouse cases, including: pallet racking system, heavy-duty racking system, mezzanine racking system, drive-in racking system, etc., these cases come from various countries around the world.
8 Types of Supermarkets, Retail Store Case Reference
This page shows some of our supermarket and retail store cases. If you are also interested in our supermarket shelf products, please contact our experts, we will provide you with professional solutions for different types of supermarkets and retail stores.
Warehouse Mezzanine Platform System Feedback - Australian
Read about how our mezzanine platform system helped an Australian customer optimize space in their new warehouse, resulting in increased storage capacity and improved workflow.
Heavy Duty Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Platform System
We share feedback from a satisfied customer who recently purchased our heavy-duty pallet racking and mezzanine platform system. We highlight the benefits of our product and how it helped the customer solve their storage needs.
11m Hight Heavy Duty Pallet Racking System Case - Israel
HEDA SHELVES provided an 11-meter high heavy-duty pallet racking system to a customer in Israel, optimizing their warehouse space and ensuring safe and efficient storage.
Warehouse Heavy Pallet Racking System Case - Colombia
HEDA SHELVES provided a customized heavy-duty pallet racking system to a company in Colombia, optimizing their warehouse space and providing a safe storage solution, and can provide similar solutions to customers worldwide.
Custom Color Heavy Duty Pallet Racking Case - Mexico
A customer from Mexico needs heavy-duty pallet racks for warehouses. The customer has special requirements for the color matching of the pallet racks.
Maternity and Baby Store Shelves Case - Bhutan
Maternity and baby store display shelf case display, free floor plan and 3D renderings, customers from Bhutan.
Convenience Store Shelves Case - The Republic of Togo
Whether it is a small convenience store shelves or a large supermarket shelves, we will do our best to provide the best quality shelves and service to customers from all over the world. "You need shelves, we make them."
Supermarket Shelves and Equipment Reference - Uganda
A real case of a large supermarket and its equipment from Uganda, hoping to help those looking for supermarket shelves in Uganda.
Nice supermarkets &  Good Quality Shelves -  Panama
An amzing supermarket in Panama! Nice supermarkets should go with good quality shelves! Wish all our customers good bussiness!!
Supermarket Shevles and Equipment From Bhutan Feedback
A customer from Bhutan purchased a full set of supermarket shelves and equipment (gondola shelves/shopping baskets/shopping carts/freezers/accessories) from us.
Boutique Store Display Shelves Case from United States
A case from a client who opened a boutique in the United States, the wooden gondola shelves of HEDA SHELVES were well received.
Custom Warehouse Heavy Duty Racking System - Iraq
A case introduction of a custom warehouse heavy-duty pallet rack from an Iraqi customer. The columns, beams and metal layers of the rack are all customized dimensions.
Grey Supermarket Gondola Display Shelves Case - Philippines
A customer from the Philippines purchased this gray supermarket gondola display shelf from Heda Shelves, which comes in 2 styles, with and without billboards.
Black+Red Mezzanine & Cantilever Racking System Cases
A customer from the United States purchased a cantilever racking system and a mezzanine racking system from Heda Shelves, using red and black personalized color matching.
Green Warehouse Storage Style Display Racking
The customized green display stand can better reflect the brand, using warehouse-style shelves and grid backboards to display accessories.
Heavy Duty Pallet Racking with Three-columns Upright Frame
This new three-columns design of heavy-duty pallet racks is suitable for warehouse storage that has a large demand for carrying and requires depth.
Warehouse Style Tool Display Stand Sample
A very unique display stand, the main body adopts the style of a warehouse rack, which can be used together with a traditional tool display stand.
Auto Supplies Retail Store Display Shelves - Australia
This is a customer from an Australian auto supplies retail store. The customer has obtained a one-stop solution service for design, production and transportation of retail stores at Heda Shelves.
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