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By Heda | 11 January 2022 | 0 Comments

What is a pallet racking?

Pallet racks, also commonly known as beam racks, or space racks, are usually heavy-duty racks and are the most common in various storage racking systems.


First of all, the unitized work must be carried out, that is, the packaging and weight of the goods should be grouped together, and the type, specification, size of the pallet, as well as the weight and stacking height of a single pallet (the weight of a single pallet is generally within 2000kg), and then This determines the span, depth and layer spacing of the unit rack, and determines the height of the rack according to the effective height of the lower edge of the warehouse roof and the maximum fork height of the forklift.

The span of the unit shelf is generally within 4m, the depth is within 1, 5m, the height of the low and high warehouse shelves is generally within 12m, and the height of the ultra-high warehouse shelf is generally within 30m (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses, and the total height of the shelves consists of several It is composed of upright columns within 12m of the section). In such warehouses, most of the low- and high-level warehouses use reach battery forklifts, counterbalanced battery forklifts, and three-way forklifts for access operations. Electric stackers can also be used when the shelves are low, and stackers are used for ultra-high-level warehouses. Take homework.


This kind of racking system has high space utilization, flexible and convenient access, supplemented by computer management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems. Widely used in manufacturing, third-party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, it is suitable for both multi-variety small-batch items and small-variety large-volume items. Such racks are most used in high-level warehouses and ultra-high-level warehouses (most of the racks in automated warehouses use such racks).

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