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The cost of warehouse mezzanine racking

Warehouse mezzanine racking is a multi-floor racking that makes full use of space. It can be designed with 2-4 floors. The floor height is generally about 2 meters. It has a large storage capacity and is suitable for high-height warehouses. It is favored by enterprises.


Many customers will consult the price at the first time. This is not impossible, but the warehouse mezzanine racking is a customized racking, and there is no stock. It is necessary to check the price according to the customer's size, load-bearing, number of layers and other needs to know how much a single racking is. Therefore, if these basic parameters are not clear, storage racking manufacturers cannot directly quote.


If there are more detailed parameters, the engineer of the warehouse shelf manufacturer can also make a verbal quotation, but the verbal quotation is generally inaccurate, and it is necessary to design a plan to check the price to know how much the specific warehouse mezzanine racking costs.


Warehouse mezzanine racks are suitable for storing small and medium-sized light goods, mainly manual access to goods, and forklifts can also be used to assist goods up and down the stairs. It can be used with labels and has a high degree of flexibility.


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