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By Heda | 21 March 2022 | 0 Comments

The Main Advantages of Intensive Warehouse Racking

Intensive storage racks are racks where the priority is to optimize surface space and height space. Choosing the right warehouse racking solution is very important.

Because not all warehouse racking systems have the same advantages or ensure maximum productivity in the warehouse.

The main advantages of intensive warehouse racks:

1. The most optimized use of space: When the area of ​​the warehouse is small or the expansion cost is high, the intensive warehouse shelf comes into play, which can almost make full use of the available area of ​​the entire warehouse.

2. Orderly management of goods: orderly management of goods can be realized.

3. Tight reference control: Dense storage solutions are ideal for situations where there are multiple pallets of the same reference.

4. Versatility: It can be FIFO or FIFO, depending on the type of warehouse racks.

5. Can be used for cold storage solutions: dense warehouse racks are ideal cold storage solutions due to their compact and dense characteristics.

Intensive warehouse racks can be divided into: drive-in racks, shuttle racks, push-back racks, and mezzanine racks

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