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By Heda | 28 July 2022 | 0 Comments

How to choose racking for your warehouse?

1. There are many types, small size and small weight products, choose warehouse mezzanine racking.

The original storage space will not be affected. The upper platform of the warehouse mezzanine rack can store goods like the bottom layer, and the number of customized layers has greatly improved the storage rate.

2. For bulky and heavy FCL goods, choose pallet racking.

Forklift picks up the goods, the whole pallet is easy to access, there are enough roadways, and each floor can store up to 5 tons of goods. Compared with the previous ground pile mode, it has stronger stability, larger storage capacity, more beautiful and tidy, and easy to pick up. more convenient.



3. For a wide variety of small products that are small in size and need to be manually selected, we will use the customer's angle steel racking

Suitable for manual picking, simple supporting equipment, cost reduction, quick installation and disassembly, and flexible application.


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