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By Heda | 19 April 2022 | 0 Comments

2 Tips when Picking out Supermarket/store Gondola Shelves

1. Choose a shelf with high safety.

If you use wooden shelves, you need to see what material they are made of. It is recommended to buy shelves made of high-quality high-density laminates, because their materials are E1-grade environmentally friendly high-density wood panels with clear texture, non-toxic and harmless.

The thickness of the laminate is 25mm, ultra-high strength, stronger bearing, safer and more durable, fine wood texture, with high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-fouling and antibacterial properties, and fully achieves high-level environmental protection performance.

2. Choose a shelf with a good-looking style.

If your shelf is unsightly, it may grab the attention of the product. The editor suggests that you can buy shelves with higher flexibility, which can be freely combined, adjusted arbitrarily, and neatly placed to attract customers' attention.

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