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How to Layout Convenience Store Shelves?

By Heda April 19th, 2022 284 views
How to Layout Convenience Store Shelves?

Although there are not as many products in convenience stores as supermarkets, it is still necessary to display them. Otherwise, users will not know where to buy the target products after entering the store. In this case, the user retention rate of the store will also decrease.

Choose square layout

It is a traditional layout of chain convenience stores. The stores in shopping malls are generally laid out in a square format. The shelves of chain convenience stores and the safety aisles of customers are all distributed in squares and sections. Store shelves are processed in parallel or obliquely sorted.


1. Create a serious and efficient atmosphere.

2. The aisle is designed according to the needs of people flow, which can flexibly use the interior space of the store.

3. Because of the standardized installation of commodity shelves, customers can easily identify the type and distribution characteristics of commodities.

4. It is easy to choose standardized shelves, which can reduce costs;

5. It is beneficial to the collaboration between clerks and customers, simple commodity management methods and security work.

island layout

Convenience store shelf island layout is to arrange islands in the middle of the operation site, and set up shelves in the middle of the island to display chain convenience store products.

This type of method is generally used in department stores or dealerships to place products with smaller volumes, and sometimes as a supplement to the square layout.


1. The total operating area can be flexibly used, and a large number of commodity shelves can be laid out by using architectural features under the condition of unobstructed customers;

2. Adopt different island design schemes, which can decorate, design and clean up the operation site;

3. The natural environment is full of changes, enabling customers to enhance their enthusiasm for consumption.

4. To meet the multi-faceted requirements of customers for a certain brand of goods, it has a strong temptation for brand dealers.

Free Liquidity Layout

The random and fluid placement of convenience store shelves is based on the convenience of customers, and it tries to maximize the display of goods in front of customers.


1. The storage space layout of the chain convenience store is very flexible, and customers can easily shuttle through each convenience store shelf or display table;

2. The atmosphere of the store is relatively harmonious, which can promote the irrational purchase of customers;

3. As much as possible, let customers browse freely, and it is not easy to cause a sense of urgency.

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