What are the precautions for the use of warehouse shelves?

What are the precautions for the use of warehouse shelves?

The designed service life of warehouse shelves is usually more than ten years, but enterprises need to follow the use specifications in the process of shelf use. Improper use methods will shorten the service life of shelves. If the warehouse shelves are carefully maintained, the service life of warehouse shelves will be extended to help enterprises save costs, Therefore, it is very important to master the use specifications of warehouse shelves. Today, I will mainly mention some points to pay attention to in use.

1. It shall be ensured that the weight of goods stored on the warehouse shelf shall be controlled within the designed bearing range and shall not exceed the bearing load. If the weight of goods stored is overloaded, it may cause the risk of shelf deformation and shelf collapse for a long time. The warehouse keeper can make relevant marks for load-bearing and load limiting on the shelves, and strictly follow the principle of light weight at the bottom of goods stacking on the shelves.

2. The stacking method of goods also needs attention. It is best to place the goods evenly on the shelf to make the shelf bear uniform force and prevent local load from being too heavy. In addition, the placement methods such as opening, protruding and hanging will also have a certain impact, unless this demand has been taken into account in the design of storage shelves.

3. Regularly check whether the protective paint falls off or is scratched. After all, the shelf is made of steel. If it loses the protection of the protective paint, it is easy to rust, resulting in reduced service life and load-bearing capacity. In addition, the storage environment should also be kept good, and the humidity, light and ventilation conditions of the warehouse should be well controlled. These factors will affect the shelves and goods on the shelves, which is easy to reduce the quality of shelves and goods.

4. Forklift and other machinery shall pay attention to avoid collision with the shelf during driving and operation, so as to avoid loss to the shelf. Warehouse shelves can be equipped with anti-collision posts and anti-collision guardrails.